The Ultimate Guide to Food in Paris

Whenever I visit Paris, I try to pack in all my favorite foods. The problem is, I have a lot of favorite food in Paris, making it so that my trips revolve around food, which I’m totally fine with. In this guide, you’ll find the best places in Paris to eat, whether it’s a full-on meal, a quick pastry stop, or sampling some of France’s wonderful bread. These selections have been sourced from me and my friends who have all lived in Paris.

*Updated December 2018*

Helpful tips and tricks for dining in Paris

Parisians are known for having slow (and rude) service. I don’t really think it’s rude—Americans are used to fast service with waiters constantly checking on us; the French prefer to enjoy their meals in peace! Some of these things you can’t help but these tips will help you live like a local in Parisian restaurants (along with my very amateur pronunciation guide):

  • If you walk into a café and want a table, they will say either pour manger (to eat) [pour man-zhey] or pour boire (to drink). Say whichever one you’re there for.
  • To ask for the check, say l’addition s’il vous plaît [l’ah-deess-ion seal voo play]
  • To save €€€, ask for un carafe d’eau [un carafe d’oh] for tap water instead of having to pay for bottled water
  • If you’re feeling ambitious and want to order in French, begin your order with je vais prendre… [zhe vay prawn-dra] followed by what you want
  • If you’re visiting a boulangerie during the lunch rush, be sure to know what you want and how much it is—those lines move fast and the people want their food!

The best crêpes in Paris

There are so many characteristically French foods, but crêpes are one of my favorite. You can get crêpes either at crêperies or takeaway stands in Paris. You certainly can’t go wrong with either! While most go for the Nutella, you can’t go wrong with a classic butter sugar (beurre sucre) crêpe—a crêpe order, I was once told by a French crêpe-maker, that makes me French.

La Droguerie: I may or may not have enjoyed one of these crêpes twice a week when I lived in Paris if that’s any indication for their deliciousness. This is a takeaway crêperie at its finest. Order at the window and they make your crêpe right before your eyes. Located at 56 Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais, this place will leave you wanting more. Head here after you try the falafel at l’As du Falafel (more on that below)

la droguerie du marais crepes paris france

Crêperie Breton: This was my last dinner out in Paris when I lived there and it was great! I went here with friends and we were in the mood for something we couldn’t get in America. This restaurant did not disappoint. The service was a little spotty but the prices were cheap for Paris. Be sure to get there either early or late when it comes to dinner because we had to wait around 20 minutes as the restaurant has very few tables [it was worth it]. It is located at 67 Rue de Charonne at Metro stop République.

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Crêpes d’Or: Located at 27 Rue de Four close to metro stop Mabillon, these crêpes come highly recommended. My close friend has said that their chicken and cheese crêpe is her favorite food in the world.

crepes paris

Le Cap Breton: Le Cap Breton is located on 12 rue Monsigny off of Metro 4 séptembre near Opéra. I got cider, a main dish crêpe and a dessert crêpe for €12. There were NO tourists in this restaurant which was great and the service was fast and very good! There were a lot of crêpes on the menu and everyone in my group loved theirs. Be sure make the trip to it if you’re near Opera Garnier.

Nadia: I discovered this gem on my last day in Paris. This is another perfect (and cheap!) takeaway place located at 94 Boulevard Saint-Germain, right next to metro Cluny – La Sorbonne. Get a crepe or two and enjoy them in the Jardin médiéval right across the street.

The best pastries in Paris

I live for pastries. I’ve said many times before that I would survive off them if I could. In fact, I considered doing that in Paris, which is probably why I gained like 10 pounds in six weeks. #worthit

Pralus: Located on 35 Rue Rambuteau (close to Centre Pompidou) and 44 Rue Cler (close to the Eiffel Tower), Pralus houses probably my favorite pastry of ALL TIME: the praluline, a pink candied praline brioche loaf. You will never ingest something as good ever again. While a little pricey (a small loaf is about €8), it is completely worth it and tastes like heaven!

pralus paris praluline

Pierre Hermé: If you want the best macarons, head here. In my opinion, Ladurée is overrated and the macarons at Pierre Hermé are delicious with inventive and fresh flavors. I dream about these babies. Find stores at 185 Rue Vaugirard and 4 Rue Cambon.

pierre herme macarons

La Petite Marquise: If you want a great croissant, visit 3 Place Victor Hugo. There are very few things I wouldn’t do for a good croissant.

Stohrer: For great eclairs, head to this slightly touristy spot on 51 Rue Montorgueil!

eclairs paris

La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac: For those of you who like chocolate (aka just about everyone but me), head here for a great pain au chocolat.

Korcarz: If you’re craving baklava, this bakery is a must. They also have amazing apple tarts, beautiful loaves of bread, and other delicious foods. Bonus: It’s almost right across the street from La Droguerie so you can get two treats in one spot! Located at 29 Rue des Rosiers, this place made the first kosher bread after the Second World War.

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baklava korcarz paris

Le Quartier du Pain: The last time I visited Paris, I stayed right next to this wonderful bakery. Their chaussons aux pommes (pastries filled with apple compote) are to die for! Not to mention, the sweetest and most cheerful French ladies worked there. Located at 270 Rue de Vaugirard, 93 Rue Raymond Losserand and 74 Rue Saint-Charles.

chausson aux pommes

Le Petit Lux: Steps away from Le Jardin du Luxembourg on the corner of Rue Vaugirard and Rue Cassette, right next to an Asian restaurant, this boulangerie has the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. You’ll know you’ve made it if you get there between 12 and 1 and there is a long line outside the door (don’t worry, it moves fast). I could usually get a sandwich and a dessert pastry (try the millefeuille or the macaronade) for about 7 or 8 euros and take them to the park for a picnic. I recommend the ham and cheese or the chicken, but they have several varieties and the workers are all really nice! Definitely a place for locals, so remember to point to what you want or learn your sandwich vocab before you go.

sandwich parisien

The best restaurants in Paris

Obviously, I can’t even begin to go into all the amazing restaurants in Paris. There is something to cater to every taste, budget, and diet. These are my favorites, and in my opinion, the best for a traveler who isn’t super adventurous when it comes to food, and who is on a budget but is still willing to buy nice meals.

*note* the crêperies are also restaurants but for brevity, I have not listed them here again.

Au Petit Suisse: A very cute restaurant right by le Jardin du Luxembourg, this place is full of locals eating croques (open-faced sandwiches) and planches (platters of meats and cheeses). I’ve been twice and wouldn’t hesitate to go again!

au petite suisse croque campagnard

Les Philosophes: On Rue Vieille du Temple in Le Marais, Les Philosophes is a nice French restaurant with decent prix fixe menus. While I have to say that this wasn’t my favorite dining experience (the service was horrible and the food took forever), it was still fun to eat good food where all the bougie Parisians were eating.

Le Pick-Clops: A great little spot in Le Marais, le Pick-Clops has a decent drinks menu and good food. It’s always busy in the evenings and is a good place to go whether or not you want pre-dinner drinks or a full on meal.

Semilla: My friend raves about this restaurant on Rue de Seine. It features a super up-and-coming chef and you can see into the kitchen.

Cafés: I obviously can’t go through this post without mentioning cafés. Café culture is a very big deal in France, and nothing is better than sitting outside at a café when the weather is nice sipping something delicious and chatting with friends. I ate at way too many cafés in Paris to remember which ones were the best. A good rule of thumb: if the outdoor seating area is crowded, it is a good café.

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tarte tatin

*be careful not to leave your mobile phone on the table—it will get pickpocketed!*

Angelina: Now, I’m not a fan of this place because I don’t like chocolate. But its famous beverage, hot chocolate (or chocolat chaud), is known around Paris for being thick and creamy.

Bonus foods:

Paris isn’t only home to French food. It has vibrant immigrant communities that lend nicely to its food culture.

For the BEST FALAFEL in Paris of your life, head to l’As du Falafel. I ate here at least twice a week when I lived there. You can wait to eat inside but I prefer to get my falafel at the window (it’s €2 cheaper) and find a stoop to sit on and eat! It closes early on Friday and is closed on Saturday because it’s Sabbath.

If you just can’t kick that falafel craving on a Saturday, head across the street to Mi Va Mi, which is the second best falafel in Paris! Both are located on Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais.

mi va mi falafel paris

For North African cuisine, head to Saint-Denis (a perfect stop if you’re visiting Basilique Saint-Denis).

north african food paris

For the best ice cream in Paris, head to Berthillon. There are so many delicious flavors! I prefer Amorino gelato, though, as they make your gelato into the shape of a flower :) Both can be found on Ile Saint-Louis.

For Indian food, head to Passage Brady, closest to Strasbourg Saint-Denis and Château d’Eau. You’ll have your fair pick of spicy cuisine (unusual for France) with a covered hall of different Indian restaurants.

For Thai food, visit Paya Thai, which has a few locations throughout the city. My friend and her mom swear it’s the best Thai food they have had in their lives.

For American food, head to Berko on Rue Rambuteau (close to Pralus) for delicious mini cupcakes. They have really yummy flavors if you’re craving this American dessert. If you want a hot dog, head to Pat’s US Hot Dog on 56 rue du Roi de Sicile in le Marais. I’m not a huge hot dog fan but they were very good! If you want an upscale American diner experience, head to Schwartz’s at 16 Rue des Ecouffes.

berko cupcakes paris

Low-cost dining in Paris

If you’re on a major budget, you can’t go wrong with buying food at a market or grocery store and creating a little picnic in one of Paris’s many parks. It’s hard to beat a baguette, cheese, and fruit in a park on a nice day!

What’s your favorite food in Paris?

The Ultimate Guide to Food in Paris: Everything you need to know about eating like a local in the city of light.

The Ultimate Guide to Food in Paris: Everything you need to know about eating like a local in Paris, France, complete with French phrases, restaurants, creperies, pastries and international foods to try!

Looking for more places to go in France? Consider visiting Mont Saint Michel or Strasbourg.

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      Yes l’As du Falafel is THE place to go! There is usually a long queue but it moves quickly (they pride themselves on that). Definitely grab some from the window and sit on a stoop to eat it…it’s the only way. Au Petit Suisse is heavenly and the service is really good. Every time I’ve gone they’ve been super nice and accommodating.

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      Right?! I completely identify with that SO much. I would eat like 3 pastries a day (at least) along with some very yummy meals! It’s so hard not to in Paris when the food is so delicious.

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      Awesome! I hope you get to make it to some of these spots. I’m obsessed with pastries too and you can’t go wrong with any patisserie in Paris in my opinion ;)

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    Diana - MVMT Blog
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    Great tip about getting a carafe of water – took me a while to figure that one out so I spent a lot more money on water than I needed to. One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is in the 15th arr. away from all the touristy things. It’s called Arthur & Juliette, and it’s this cute little restaurant with excellent service and delicious French cuisine. :)

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      1 May 2017 at 14:03

      Yeah the first time I went to Paris I didn’t find out until the end of my trip but it really makes meals so much cheaper! Ahh the restaurants with no tourists are the BEST. I’ll have to check that one out when I visit again one day :)

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