Trip Highlights: Food

If you read my Paris To Eat List, you knew I had big ambitions for food on my trip. While I certainly pigged out in Paris, I toned it down in my other cities to, you know, stay healthy keep from going broke. We tried to have at least one traditional/local meal in each destination and I fell in love with just about everything I tried. Now that I’m back I’ve started reviewing the specific restaurants on my Yelp page (a true lifesaver on this trip), so if you want the details, click on the link! Especially if you’re planning on visiting any of the cities I went to!

So in this post I won’t be reviewing specific restaurants, more just reminiscing about the amazing foods I’m now completely obsessed with and want to learn how to cook when I get home :)



Jambonneau– AKA one of the best meals I’ve ever had!! Fin de Siecle in Brussels.


A croque campagnard from Au Petit Suisse in Paris
Tarte Tatin
Baclava from the Jewish bakery on Rue de Rosiers
Praluline from Pralus





Spätzle (a type of pasta) with ham and cheese. SO GOOD.
Tarte flambée – a strasbourgeois dish
a dessert tarte flambée


some potato, meat and onion dish that I couldn’t pronounce but ate all of
at Cafe Eistein Vienna


My first potato pancake! and my new obsession–Slovak Pub
My first of many goulash(es) <3


The spiral cakes!
Goulash Soup
Chicken paprikas (I think?)- Chicken and a yummy sauce and
dumpling noodles
homemade potato chips from the Easter festival
Panini things!
A strawberry tart


Goulash soup in a bread bowl :)
Some sort of barley soup I think?


More goulash! This time with bacon dumplings!
Goulash with potato pancakes!
The potato spiral thing I’ve always wanted to try!


The best crepe since Paris!
The best pasta I’ve had since leaving Italy.


I know a post with just pictures of food greatly interests you, but hopefully it gives you some slight food envy or some ideas for foods to try when you next travel!!


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