Strasbourg Part 2

So we took a day trip to Colmar from Strasbourg after our first day there and when we got back, I made Siobhan walk to the other side of town to see the European Union buildings because I’m obsessed. The walk over there was really pretty. The residential areas were really cute and there were lots of people about.

church in strasbourg

Council of Europe: I loved all the flags blowing in the breeze!

council of europe strasbourg

This the European Court of Human Rights.

european court of human rights strasbourg

The European Parliament building is SO cool. I was obsessed. The area was right at the edge of town and in a less developed area which was why I think the building took up so much space and was so modern. If you’re a politics nerd, I definitely recommend a visit to the EU buildings in Strasbourg.

european parliament strasbourg
european parliament strasbourg france
european union parliament strasbourg

This is a school…. So cool!

school in strasbourg

Our next stop was Strasbourg Cathedral. It was the world’s tallest building from 1647 to 1874. Today, it is the sixth tallest church in the world and the tallest building surviving from the Middle Ages. It has been used for several religious structures dating back to Roman times. It was absolutely gorgeous inside!

strasbourg cathedral rose window

strasbourg cathedral aisle

strasbourg cathedral stained glass

strasbourg cathedral aisle

strasbourg cathedral main aisle

The cathedral also houses a beautiful 18-metre astronomical clock. The clock’s predecessor was built in the 1500s. This clock dates between 1838-1843. Supposedly the astronomical part is incredibly accurate and was able to determine the date of Easter in the Christian calendar at a time when computers didn’t yet exist. According to legend, the architect of the clock’s eyes were gouged out upon finishing the clock so he couldn’t copy his design elsewhere (it’s the same myth for the astronomical clock in Prague!).

  astrological clock strasbourg

strasbourg cathedral clock
astrological clock strasbourg cathedral

So that’s my time in Strasbourg! It was such a lovely city. Definitely my favourite on this trip and a close runner-up to London and Paris. I could definitely pick up and move there one day. All I need is a visa…

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