Paris, je t’aime

Spring of 2015 marked my fourth visit to Paris. When I was initially planning my trip, I considered skipping Paris just because I had already seen it (and lived there) but I just couldn’t resist returning to a city I already knew I loved! And it didn’t disappoint. Plus, this trip was awesome because I got to catch up with a lot of friends!

We arrived in Paris from Brussels around 6 and, after some confusion about where we would meet and where our Airbnb was, we dropped off our bags and headed off to dinner! I might add that the métro was free the entire time we were there. Thanks to la circulation alternée and air pollution, we got to save €20 and ride the métro as much as we wanted.

I took my friends to Au Petit Suisse, a very cute restaurant right by le Jardin du Luxembourg that my friends showed me this fall when I was in Paris. Because I’m a creature of habit, I ordered the same thing I got last time, a croque campagnard that I’ve been craving since the fall. It was so delicious that I even made room for dessert, Tarte Tatin. That meal reminded me again just why I love Paris so much.
paris meal au petit suisse

After eating our fill, we decided to head to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. I really wish it was easier to capture the sparkle on camera!


eiffel tower at night

After our up close view, we walked over Pont d’Iéna to get the pretty, long distance view of the Tower from Trocadero. Naturally, we had a photoshoot and popped a bottle of champagne and then some slightly weird Spanish guys wanted to take pictures with us. They absolutely loved my friend Spenser! We were exhausted so Siobhan, Allie and I headed back to our Airbnb, watched some Parks and Rec and fell asleep, excited for daytime in Paris!


paris eiffel tower view from trocadero

eiffel tower view from trocadero paris

My goal for Paris, as you saw from my Paris To-Eat list, was to basically eat as much as possible and target my favourite foods. As I checked off Au Petit Suisse the night before, we started off the day by getting pastries from the bakery right by our Airbnb. The shop owners were so cute and sang a ringing “bonjour” when we entered. I got a long awaited for Chausson aux Pommes and died a little inside. Basically heaven in a pastry. I then took everyone to Pralus to get a praluline, the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. We walked around the area by Centre Pompidou and Le Marais before getting falafel at l’As du Fallafel. I was too hungry to get a picture of it and its deliciousness.

praluline pastry paris

Because I can’t get enough of the food, I went and purchased some baklava from the bakery on the same street, Rue de Rosiers. Yummmm.

baklava paris

Since I figured I should actually be hungry for our next food stop, we started wandering around the city. Paris is such a lovely city for wandering. We walked around Le Marais a little more and then headed down to Ile Saint Louis, another one of my favourite areas in Paris.

Naturally, I stopped for food, this time gelato from Amorino. I know they have Amorino just about everywhere, including London, but I just can’t resist enjoying the delicious flavours while sitting along the banks of the Seine. Because the sun was finally out, we had to take more photos of course!

paris france with friends


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Next stop was, you guessed it, more food! This time macarons from Pierre Hermé. YUM. They do some of the funkier flavours and I think I got Rose, Salted-Butter Caramel, Vanilla, Vanilla Violet and Blackcurrants, and some others that I can’t find on the key. All I know is that they were delicious. And I just wanted even more. But I resisted!

pierre herme macarons 

Since we ate our macarons in Place Saint Sulpice, we actually decided to enter Eglise Saint Sulpice. I can cross another Parisian church off my list, as well as some Delacroix paintings!

Some more wandering brought us back to Le Jardin du Luxembourg for a light stroll and then some soaking up of the elusive sun. The park was absolutely packed with people and it was so nice to see the spring flowers blooming!


jardin du luxembourg
I forget how many steps we walked that day, but it was enough for us to go back to our Airbnb and relax for a couple of hours before getting dinner. I couldn’t leave Paris without getting crêpes!
crepes in paris

We had a half day before our respective plane and trains left so we had to get as many pastries and sweets as possible and have a breakfast of champions à la française.

paris pastries

After Allie left to catch her plane, Siobhan and I rushed over to the Louvre so she could see the pyramid and the general area. I don’t have any pictures of the glass pyramid because I was too worried about being late, but I do have photographic proof of how the weather was always perfect the day we left just about each city….. grrr.

I absolutely loved being back in Paris. It’s one of the cities I could easily pick up and move to. I love the sights, I love the buildings, I love the language and I especially love the food. Yes, it has a reputation for being a little dirty and smelly at times (watch out for dog poo on the streets and noxious smells in the metro stations) but it is beautiful and unique and, if you can speak French without an American accent, the Parisians are actually nice! Anybody reading this know how I can somehow get someone to get someone to sponsor a visa? ;) Anyways, I can’t wait to get back to the city I will always love.

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