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The Art of Mindful Travel + Tips for Mindful Travel

It seems like just yesterday I was wandering around Paris with my €20 burner phone, paper map and digital camera in hand, soaking in every detail of the historic streets and the Parisian culture so I could write about it on my blog or in my journal when I got home. Today, there is much more to contend with. If you didn’t Snapchat, Facebook, Boomerang, Instagram or Instastory it, did it really happen? In the past few weeks, I’ve been on…

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Autumn in London + Something You Might Not Know About Me

It’s hard to believe that under two weeks ago I was in London, returning to my old home for the first time in two years. I was secretly worried that after leaving, I had looked on the city with rose-colored memories—that I wouldn’t love it as much as I had when I studied abroad there. But, thankfully, I was 100% wrong. I still love London, and I love it a lot. In fact, I think I connected with it more since I…

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Where to Find Inspiration

Lately, as you might have noticed from the lack of these posts, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to my blog and creative outlets. So, I decided to go back to the drawing board and think about where I can always find inspiration. In today’s society of fast-paced living and social media, it hardly feels like we have any time alone to ourselves to think, let alone find inspiration. I’ve fallen into that trap myself, going to…

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What I’ve Been Reading 02

It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these posts. You know my struggle with reading for pleasure and I go through bursts when I love reading books and then bursts when I can’t be bothered to try a new novel. Lately, I’ve been reading lots before bed—it’s a great way to relax and fall asleep easily and I’ve come across some great books. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to read next, hopefully, these books will pique…

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New Beginnings: Summer in Review & Fall Preview

For me, September has always felt like the start of something new (*cue Troy and Gabriella’s karaoke song*)—a new beginning. For 22 years of my life, it signaled the start of a new school year—we started in August, but I always felt like the real work kicked in the week after Labor Day—and a new school year meant the potential for knowledge and discovery.     September meant new books to buy, new people to meet in my socially awkward…

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Easy Ways to Keep Up with a Foreign Language

When you’re not in school, living abroad or working in another language, foreign language maintenance can be hard. It’s amazing how fast my French skills dwindle when I practice. But it’s also amazing how fast they come back when I put in a little effort. If you’re struggling to maintain a second (or third) language, or curious as to things you can do to be exposed to your language, here are some tips to keep up with a foreign language.…

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Practical Study Abroad Tips from Someone Who’s Been There Before

This time three (!!!) years ago, I was returning from my study abroad experience in France and preparing for a whole new journey in London. Time really flies—it feels like just yesterday I was freaking out about moving to a country I had never visited before, anxiously awaiting the day of my departure. I still think about my study abroad experiences almost daily. I communicate with friends I made abroad; my career path and goals changed after I went abroad; my…

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Travelling Back in Time at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC

Lured by the relative proximity to my apartment and my desire to do something cultural without being overwhelmed by loud, sweaty tourists on a beautiful summer day, I embarked on a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll to 5th Avenue and 91st Street, otherwise known as the address of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. About Cooper Hewitt Reopened in 2014 after extensive renovations, Cooper Hewitt is housed in the 5th Avenue Andrew Carnegie Mansion and is the only museum in the…

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Inside the Weekend of a Highly Introverted Person

Introvert weekends are my sanctuary. In my former life, I was definitely an old English grandma (or so I’ve been told, by numerous people on many different occasions), so naturally, my weekends are spent recharging my old soul and relaxing whenever possible. Weekends are also my chance for much-needed alone time. I recently took a personality quiz with my coworkers (read: I made them take the personality quiz) and my introverted percent was 97%, only proving that I need this alone time…

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What Adventure Means to Me

I was reading an issue of Travel & Leisure over the weekend and something the Editor-in-Chief Nathan Lump said about adventure stuck with me: “Adventure isn’t about climbing Mount Everest—or it doesn’t have to be. It’s about doing something that feels different and embracing the calibration between discomfort and excitement that comes from that.” I’ve always found it so hard to put into words what adventure means to me and Nathan did it beautifully. Adventure is why I decided to…

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