New Beginnings: Summer in Review & Fall Preview

For me, September has always felt like the start of something new (*cue Troy and Gabriella’s karaoke song*)—a new beginning. For 22 years of my life, it signaled the start of a new school year—we started in August, but I always felt like the real work kicked in the week after Labor Day—and a new school year meant the potential for knowledge and discovery.


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September meant new books to buy, new people to meet in my socially awkward way, new classes to go to, new ways to organize, new schedules to learn.

It was always an exciting month.


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Last year, it meant the General Assembly.

Two years ago, it was diving into my last year of school.

Three years ago, it meant preparing for study abroad.

This year, for probably the first time ever, it just feels like a continuation of my life. I’m not starting a new school year, I’m not running off to a different country, I’m not preparing for any major life changes (and let’s hope none come).


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Also, how is it September already?!

Summer absolutely flew by. It’s by far my least favorite season, so this is a good thing for me.

I spent a weekend in DC reuniting with my roommates from my senior year (so fun!) but mostly, I spent the summer introverting and exploring more of NYC—there’s always something new to discover!


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I haven’t posted as much as I’ve wanted to on here and I think most of it has to do with procrastination—I became obsessed with Outlander (please tell me I’m not the only one!) and Atypical and The Bold Type. And when I find a show I like, particularly one with multiple seasons or episodes available to watch, I don’t watch or do anything else.


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Luckily, this summer was rather mild compared to last summer, so I spent many weekend afternoons reading at Carl Schurz Park.

To end summer, my friend Malissa came and visited over Labor Day weekend! It was great showing her around my city and eating yummy food. We walked about 13.5 miles which left us exhausted but gave us an excuse for eating excessive amounts of cheese.

Fall Preview

I’ve got lots to look forward to this fall. I’m finally incorporating some travel into my work schedule and I found out I still have 8 vacation days to use. Sometime in October, I plan on visiting my friend Kate in the Berkshires to do all sort of fall things together. I’ll be returning to Tampa for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I might try to fit in another trip depending on train prices—fall has me super excited to travel and get outside!

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And, I’m going to London!!! It will be my first international trip since I came back from study abroad and I am beyond ready to go back and revisit some of my favorite places and explore new places in London.

  • In other news, thanks to my coworker, I’ve found a new way of organizing my to-do lists at work that I’m super excited about! #nerdlife
  • I’ve done a little yoga, which is something I haven’t done in ages.
  • I’ve started two new books and I read a few books over the summer. Since reading for pleasure has been sort of an uphill battle for me ever since I graduated college, this is a huge deal for me!
  • I’ve thought about doing meditation—hopefully I’ll get the courage to start it again sometime this month!

All in all, I’m super excited for fall. I had a relaxing summer but am looking forward to the cool weather and beautiful colors that come along with my favorite season! I’m not expecting any big life changes but I’m excited for this time of year that has always signaled new beginnings for me.


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    13 September 2017 at 01:40



    sorry, i totally couldn’t resist. you asked for it.

    yeaaaah girl, i freakin LOVE outlander – you are not alone!

    please share your to do list organisation, i am a sucker for a tidy workmind so would be interested to know your co-workers secrets…

    katie. xx

    • Reply
      24 September 2017 at 19:40

      Haha, I knew someone would go for it! I was certainly singing it in my head when writing haha.

      I will definitely share my organisation–I’m working on a post now on how I organise; I just have to figure out how to make it sound coherent!

  • Reply
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    13 September 2017 at 03:00

    have fun in London!

    • Reply
      24 September 2017 at 19:38

      Thank you so much :) I’m so excited to head back there.

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