Life Lately: I Got a Camera!

If you didn’t know, 90% of the pictures on this blog are taken with my iPhone. The other 10% were taken with a simple point and shoot digital camera. I’ve really grown to love photography recently (I’ve always had a special love for it but never thought that the hobby would amount to anything) so I was incredibly grateful when my grandparents offered to give me the money for a proper camera for my 23rd birthday.

After months of research, extensive spreadsheet making and consulting with photographer friends, I finally landed on my camera: a Panasonic LUMIX G85. I love it already!

I got it on a Thursday, charged my batteries that night and then got out of work early for Good Friday and headed straight to Central Park to test out my new camera (and enjoy the lovely spring weather). Here are my first shots:

central park flowers

central park flowers blue sky

central park

central park flowers and lightpole

central park cherry blossoms

central park views

central park cherry blossoms

central park tree branches

central park lake

central park flowers and sky

central park purple flowers

central park west

central park flowers

central park flowers

central park flowers

central park white flowers

central park bluebells

upper west side

flower shop upper west side

the plaza nyc at night

really love the capabilities of my new camera. I am still very much amateur and can’t even come close to understanding all the capabilities of what all it does yet, but I already love all that I’ve learnt to do! I also have zero formal instruction in photography so any professional-looking shots I take are big wins for me.

Plus, aren’t the spring flowers in Central Park just beautiful?! The weather the past week has been so nice and it’s wonderful to see that paying off with new spring blooms :)

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    adele miner
    23 April 2017 at 15:17

    Ah these pictures are stunning, it is so fun when you get a new camera and get to take it out for the first time! I have completely fallen in love with your whole blog by the way, well done you it is amazing! x

    • Reply
      24 April 2017 at 19:12

      Yeah, and it’s my first proper camera so everything is so new and fun :)

      Thank you so much, you’re too kind!! It’s nice to know that someone other than my mom has found this blog haha

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