Why It’s Important to Celebrate the Small Things

The Internet is filled with wellness tips and self-care advice these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic that people are starting to talk more about mental well-being. But what happens when those wellness tips like “go to yoga” or “meditate for half an hour each day” or “get outside and exercise” seem like way too much? That’s why it’s important to celebrate the small things.

There are days when my alarm goes off in the morning and the thought of getting out of bed and starting my day fills me with dread. There are nights when I lie wide awake, paralyzed with anxiety, unable to sleep. I can hardly function in those instances, and the mere thought of meditating, exercising, or trying yoga fills me with even more dread. How can I even begin to do something that requires lots of focus and/or motivation to begin with when I don’t even want to leave my bed?

That is why, my friends, it is so important to celebrate the small things.

So you didn’t go outside and exercise but you got out of bed with your alarm and got a shower? Well done!

You might not have run any errands on your list but you picked up your dirty clothes that were strewn all over the floor? Awesome!

Looking for easy ways to practice self-care? Check here.

These small victories are incredibly important, especially if the thought of doing anything at all seems too overwhelming. They are equally important stepping stones to getting to the big things. So what if I didn’t sit down and try to meditate today? I did manage to wash the dishes that were piling up in my sink. One day I will get there. And I will celebrate that small victory too.

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What small things have I celebrated recently?

  • I went to a museum over the weekend when I easily could have stayed inside in my apartment all day
  • I changed my sheets (being sick for several weeks did provide a strong motivator for this)
  • I am writing this post!
  • I made myself a wonderful cup of tummy tea, something I haven’t done in a while. It was so worth it
  • I picked my clothes up off the floor (although, there are already more clothes there again)
  • I cooked myself dinner one night
  • I shaved my legs
  • I went to the doctor when I felt sick
  • I laughed a lot at work
  • I remembered to breathe when I was feeling really anxious
  • I repeated my mantras when I didn’t want to get out of bed

Anxiety, depression and other mental health problems can make the simple acts of daily life a struggle. There were times when I would look at the above list and see nothing but failure. But they are things to be celebrated! They may seem small, but they are truly victories for me.

Looking for some small victory inspiration?

Check out Daisy of @makedaisychains who shares great drawings of #boringselfcare. I love absolutely every one of them. I also love Instagrammer @gemmacorrell. Her drawings are so relatable.

What small things have you celebrated recently?

Why It's Important to Celebrate the Small Things

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