Where to Find Inspiration

Every once in a while, I feel very uninspired when it comes to my blog and other creative outlets. Feeling uninspired is perfectly normal from time to time. But it’s always important to know what inspires you so you always have something to turn to when you feel like quitting.

In today’s society of fast-paced living and social media, it hardly feels like we have any time alone to ourselves to think, let alone find inspiration. I’ve fallen into that trap myself, going to work Monday-Friday, coming home, scrolling mindlessly through social media, watching TV, waking up and doing it all over again. I see how easy it is to lose track of what inspires me in life. If I don’t set aside time to become inspired, I find that I feel less creative and lose my motivation to do anything but what’s required of me for “adulting.”

So, that begs the question, “Where do I get my inspiration in life?” The below sources of inspiration light a fire in my soul and get my creative juices flowing. Hopefully, they help you find your inspiration too.

Reading Books

books to read

There’s something I love about being transported to another world. When I read fiction, my mind works differently—I get wrapped up in someone else’s thoughts and life. This changed way of thinking gets my mind working in a new way.

Reading Newsletters

Newsletters curate the most interesting and/or relevant content out there. I’m not exactly sure how many newsletters I subscribe to, but it’s definitely a lot. Ranging from current events, world news, marketing, and business developments and blogs, I get anywhere from 6-12 newsletters in my inbox every day and am always looking for more to subscribe to.

In a way, newsletters are like my morning paper. I read them when I get into work as a sort-of kickstart to the day (partially to make sure I didn’t miss anything incredibly important in the news world and partially to get my creative juices flowing).

Perusing Magazines

inspiration board

Along the same lines, magazines. They’re a new source of inspiration for me but I’m loving them! if you go into my room, you’ll see my favourite pages tacked to my inspiration board—my collection of the prettiest imagery or the most attention-grabbing stories and quotes.


chelsea david zwirner gallery

Is there anything more inspiring than walking through an art gallery or spending an afternoon in a museum? Looking at art sparks creative thinking and what could be more inspiring than looking at the work of artists, who are quite possibly more inspired than anyone out there?

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Practicing Gratitude & Positive Visualisation

52 lists for happiness

I’m 1000% prone to negative thinking and negative thought patterns. I wake up sometimes and, without reason, just have it in my mind that it’s not going to be a good day. Or, one small (not really) bad thing happens and my mind starts to spiral into “well if this tiny not-actually-bad thing happened, then all of these bad things will happen” thought pattern.

When I start to notice this happening, I can [usually] stop it by thinking about or writing down what I am thankful for, thinking or saying my mantras or just noticing the good things around me. This doesn’t always go to plan, but when it does, I feel inspired, happy and at peace.

Other Blogs

As a blogger, I get a lot of my inspiration from other blogs. Bloglovin’ (follow me here!!) curates the most recent posts of all my favorites. Some bloggers that always leave me inspired and wanting more are Holly from The Simple Things, Claire from All Mad Here, and Laura and Claire from Twins That Travel.


united nations headquarters nyc

Wandering has always been a part of my daily life and travels. One Friday it took me over an hour to get home because I wandered from Times Square to Bryant Park, over to the UN and then up to my apartment. That walk left me feeling more inspired than I have in a while. Wandering, with or without my music playing or my camera out, is a failsafe way to leave me feeling creative, refreshed and inspired.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Where to Find Inspiration: In today's world it is hard to feel inspired. From books, to magazines to art, find out where to find new sources of inspiration.

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    4 October 2017 at 05:28

    Totally relate to this post! Most of the time the inspiration just comes from random things in life!

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      4 October 2017 at 19:04

      So true! I love when inspiration strikes randomly

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