Dream Homes in DC: A Photo Journal

Whenever I go somewhere new (and, let’s face it, whenever I walk around NYC), I always scope out potential dream homes. My phone is consistently full of beautiful townhome pictures that I can only dream of entering one day. On my recent trip to DC, I made sure to fill my camera with new dream home shotsโ€”and there was no shortage of them!


dc home

How cute is this little baby garden bench?!

I’m not exactly sure where my obsession for dream home hunting comes whilst travelling. Perhaps, in seeking out all these homes during my wanders, I can attempt to put myself into locals’ shoes and imagine what it would be like to live there. Perhaps I just love pretty buildings. Who knows.

dupont circle dc home

dc home

dc home

Whatever the reason for this, I find myself drawn like a moth to a flame to beautiful homes whenever I walk down a new street. As you can see in this post, I find a lot of pretty ones.

dc homes

dc home

Given all these beautiful homes, would I ever live in DC? Probably not, at least not during this point in my life. While the homes and streets are beyond gorgeous, DC and I didn’t instantly click the way I clicked with London, Paris and NYC. Yes, it’s beautiful, but it felt too homogeneous and suburban for my tastes.

blair house dc

This is Blair House, where foreign dignitaries stay when visiting the White House.


dc blue house

I would love for a future home to be this colour!


dc home

It’s so rare to see a city home with a garage. I love this one with the ivy on it!


dc georgetown street

Wouldn’t this be a great street to live on?


dc georgetown street

This is totally the same street, just a little further down. But it was too cute to resist!


dc home georgetown

Just look at those blue shutters!

That being said, I can’t completely discount a city. Or at least I can try not to. I’m known in my family for my strong opinions and quick judgment and I’m trying to work on that. So, while I don’t picture myself living there right now, who knows what the future holds!

dc home georgetown

I think this might be the dreamiest of all dream homes! I’m not usually a huge fan of lots of plants because bugs but this makes the home look so cozy!


dc dream homes

Gahh they’re too beautiful for words!


dc home roof

That ivy!


dc red home

Love that red and black combo! Go cats!


dc brick home

I wouldn’t mind that fancy Range Rover to go with that pretty red brick house!


dc pink store georgetown

A little too Pepto Bismol-y for me but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture!


dc home

Can I just live in that curved tower room please?!


dc home

Obsessed with those roof windows!


dc old house

I love how this old house is almost completely covered by the tree!


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embassy row dc

If you’ve made it this far, I admire your dedication to my house photography and ramblings! Seeing these houses in person and looking at them again on my computer reminded me of the beauty that can be found in something as ordinary and everyday as a house. They inspire me to keep looking around and I hope they inspire you too.

red house dc

dc home

This window seat is everything to me!


embassy row dc

dc brick home

That symmetry!

Do you like looking at houses when visiting new places?

DC is a mecca for beautiful homes. This photo journal shows you some of the prettiest homes in the Washington DC.

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  • Reply
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    28 July 2017 at 04:15

    some rather beautiful houses:)

  • Reply
    walt hamilton
    15 December 2017 at 19:43

    I love the pictures, even more so as I love D.C./Georgetown and all the history behind it.

    • Reply
      23 December 2017 at 10:09

      Thank you! Agreed, the homes are so beautiful and so historic. I love how each one has a story

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