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What I Learned After Being Verbally Assaulted in Brussels

Being a woman, especially one who travels, is rife with contradictions. Traveling as a female can be liberating. But it can also be terrifying at times. There are times when, solely because I’m a female, I get catcalled. Or stared at. Or called out for not smiling. Or for smiling too much. Or dressing too conservatively. Or not dressing conservatively enough. Or being too shy. Or not being shy enough. And this isn’t even while traveling. It’s just living my…

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Tips for Travel in Europe

My travels have almost only occurred in Europe (with the exception of some visits to cities in the States). I absolutely love just about everything about the continent and would return in a heartbeat. Having lived in two European…

travel apps

Must-Have Travel Apps

Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and even Wifi, travel apps are a fantastic way to stay informed and prepared while travelling. I used these free travel apps while living in and travelling around Europe and they have made my everyday life…