Autumn in Central Park

One of the things I love about living in NYC is my close proximity to Central Park. I didn’t live close to anything green in London, so I feel like I missed most of the autumn foliage because I really had to seek it out. While I don’t take advantage of Central Park as much as I should, I did find many opportunities to wander around it during autumn when the weather was nice and the colours were bright.

Here are some of my favourite shots from Central Park this autumn. Aren’t the colours just lovely?!

central park bench

I could sit on that bench all day…

central park pond reflection autumn

I miss reflections like these!

central park autumn scene

Don’t you just wish you could sit here with a loved one all day?

central park bench

central park pathway

Now you probably see why autumn is my favourite <3

central park trees

central park autumn colours

What’s your favourite season?

Autumn in Central Park

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