4 Apps That Have Changed My Life

iphone on a desk

It seems kind of silly to acknowledge that an app has changed my life. After all, it’s a little square that I tap on my phone that opens up a program. How special could one of those be? Very special, it turns out.

Given the fact that I have anxiety, I’m highly introverted, and I generally go through a lot of life struggles, apps on my phone have made help easy to access and impossible to ignore (no matter how hard I try). Hopefully, the below apps can help you, whether you’re struggling with something or just want to improve your life.

iphone on a desk


Probably one of the best-known apps out there on meditation and mindfulness, Headspace needs no introduction. I’ve been using Headspace on and off since 2015 (definitely more off than on). It’s been there for me during my worst bouts of anxiety and self-doubt and is currently a daily part of my life.

If you’re struggling with anything at all (or just want to become a better person), I can’t recommend meditation enough. It’s hard at times and you feel as if it might not be “working,” but then one day you’re in a moment of panic or find yourself distracted and unable to focus on anything but your thoughts and then suddenly you find yourself focusing on your breath and being in the moment and everything changes.

Mindfulness has kept my panic attacks to a minimum and has taught me not to hate my overthinking but to acknowledge that it happens and instead to focus on my breath.


I don’t like going to the gym. I don’t like going to work out classes. The thought of people watching me (I know they aren’t) or telling me what to do (they are) annoys me. Sometimes, even the thought of working out is too much for me to get my mind around.

Enter the app called Seven. Seven-minute, high-intensity workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home. Need I say more? I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but it’s so nice to have a place where I can turn to get some physical activity in without causing me undue anxiety.


Everyone likes looking at soothing videos and pictures. Moodrise has “packages” of curated and artistic short videos and images designed to elevate your mood. Simply select how you’re feeling and tap through the different types of content to feel better. It’s a new app but I’ve used it several times already and find it really enjoyable.

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I’ve always wanted to keep a daily journal. I do have a journal that I use for trips and deeper thoughts, but I’ve always found the idea of a daily journal impossible to keep. It’s a lot of pressure to fill blank pages if you’re just writing about your day at work!

Reflectly is a journaling app that makes journaling almost effortless while also still getting you to reflect. You pick how your day went on a sliding scale, pinpoint what made you feel that way (from a list of common reasons, or you can add your own), elaborate (where you can type in a more detailed “journal entry”), choose your predominant mood of the day from a list, and then answer a random question designed to get you thinking. You can add a title, add pictures if you want (it will generate them automatically if not) and it all is stored nicely so you can go back and read previous entries.

These four apps have been game changers when it comes to my mental and physical health. While I wish I didn’t rely on technology as much as I do, I’m grateful that there are apps that are out there working to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

What apps have changed your life?

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