6 Road Trips I’d Love to Take

I’ve become very good at driving in cars for long periods of time. I drive 600 miles to Davidson with only one break to fill up my tank. I drove to DC last year for a conference. In the snow for the first time. I love driving on interstates (so long as there’s no traffic). So I’d love to take some road trips after I graduate. Naturally, I have ambitious plans and there’s absolutely no way I could feasibly do any of these wholly, but they’ll be good starting points for when I start planning a trip! (Images via Pinterest)

A Road Trip Through Europe

This trip would take well over a year, but it really shows just how much there is to see in Europe! I’ve seen a few of these places but I think it would be great fun to drive through some European countries.

A Road Trip Through France

A little more feasible, I would love to drive through France. The country is incredibly diverse and holds a lot of the cities on my bucket list. It would also be an amazing opportunity to perfect my French :)

A Road Trip Through Iceland

Iceland is on my Travel Bucket List and I feel like the only way you can appreciate its beauty is to drive through it. One day, hopefully!

A Road Trip Through Ireland

Another off my bucket list: Ireland. The pictures I’ve seen are absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to spend some time in Dublin, Cork, and Belfast! Not to mention enjoy the Irish accents ;)

A Road Trip Through Scotland

The last one on my bucket list that’s here as well: Scotland. I had the opportunity to go to Scotland a few times this year and I was considering going after exams before I returned home, but I made a slightly sad but smart decision to save Scotland for when I have a little more money and can rent a car to drive around the country at my own pace. After all, I love taking pictures and I detest large tour groups!

The Ultimate Road Trip Through America

Finally, I’d love to take a road trip through the States. It’s a huge country that I’ve unfortunately seen so very little of. Again, this map is a bit ambitious but it would be a dream trip. Hopefully, I’ll get to some of it after I graduate!
What would be your ultimate road trips?
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