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I hope everyone had a lovely week! I’ve been super busy with work and can’t believe how fast time flies in the real world. It’s already back to school time and it’s weird not going back…

Anyways, even if I’m not at school, I’m still keeping my mind fresh, both with online articles, physical books and typing blog posts and writing for myself. Here are the most interesting articles to add to your weekend reading list:

On the Road with ‘Dark Knight’ Composer Hans Zimmer

If I need to really focus and get sh!t done, then I’m almost 100% of the time listening to movie scores. And these movie scores are often the work of Hans Zimmer (or Alexandre Desplat, but that’s a story for another day). Hans Zimmer is a genius and his scores are incredibly moving and entertaining. I would have loved to see him in concert (probably the only concert I would enjoy besides Bon Iver or Mumford & Sons) but I found out about the concert too late to get affordable tickets :( I would love if more movie score composers went on tour. I can’t imagine how powerful hearing their compositions are in person.

The Death of Reading Is Threatening the Soul

So I couldn’t agree more with this title and article. And, yes, I recognize the irony of promoting short internet articles to read, which contribute to the dopamine rush the author mentions. As a child, I was an incredibly avid reader. I enjoyed reading in school, but was forced to do too much reading. I’m slowly starting to get back into reading again and have to deliberately set aside time before bed, device free, to get into a book. I hope I can build up this practice because once I start reading I really enjoy it. It’s just getting there that’s the hard part!

Productivity Secrets From Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, and More

One of these days I’ll be as productive as these CEOs! The one thing I religiously do that is on this list (*pats self on back*) is inbox zero. Some people I talk to are either impressed or think I’m insane, but it is the best feeling to organize, delete and ultimately use my inbox as a to-do list. I highly recommend trying it!

vous n'aurez pas ma haine

An appropriate title for this week…

I also couldn’t let this week go by without addressing this week’s events in the U.S. I am truly and deeply upset about what our country has come to and am still trying to form coherent thoughts about what has happened. That being said, there are a few articles that have helped me educate myself on the events that occurred in Charlottesville and events occurring in a wider context. I hope they help you too.

Charlottesville: Race and Terror

VICE’s documentary on the events in Charlottesville is truly distressing. I was crying pretty hard whilst watching it but I think it is something worth watching to truly see what happened this weekend. What makes it even more intense is the fact that this seems like it would be in a movie. But it is real-life. These are real people saying wretched things about entire populations of humans. And these are real humans trying not to die or be discouraged in the face of this violence and hatred.

What Jewish Children Learned From Charlottesville

“Saturday in Charlottesville was just one day, but think of that one day multiplied by all of us, across this great country. Think of the size of that setback, the assault on empathy, the divisiveness and tiki-torched terror multiplied by every single citizen of this nation. It may as well be millions of years of dignity, of civility, of progress lost. Just from that one day.”

A professor of German history explains the true horror of Trump’s response to Charlottesville

“The world is a complicated place. There are rarely simple, black and white answers to the problems that confront us. But sometimes, every once in a while, there are. And this is one such moment. If the President of the United States cannot condemn individuals who march under the flag of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, how can he possibly claim to represent America, its values, and all of its citizens? In perhaps the easiest test of his young presidency, Donald Trump has failed, and failed miserably.”

Germany Responds to Charlottesville Violence with Sharp Condemnation

At least some world leaders condemn the attacks in Charlottesville with sincerity and seriousness.

What will you be reading this weekend?

The ultimate list of what you need to add to your weekend reading list.

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