Weekend Reads 03

Back for Week 3 of what you need to read this weekend! If you missed Week 1 or Week 2, it’s still not too late to check them out. Without further ado, this is what I loved reading this week:

~How Harry Potter Changed the World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are one of those people who doesn’t like the series), you know it’s the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter book. While we look back now and see the incredible popularity of the series, it is phenomenal how it really changed young adult literature, children’s’ series, and the film industry. This article really puts it all into perspective.

Hogwarts will always be my home

~She May Be the Most Unstoppable Scientist in the World

If you were a woman in the hardest place on Earth to be a woman, and a woman who wanted to be a scientist, nonetheless, would you be able to go it? This incredible woman did. I’m in awe at her strength and perseverance.

~Technology Will Erase Jobs—But Also Make Everything Cheap or Free

I read this article a few weeks ago and it’s still on my mind. This quote sticks with me most: “A world where life’s necessities are all cheap or free will be very different from the world we live in today. What will motivate people to work or be productive if they don’t need money for the basics? What kinds of new innovations will spring up from people for whom these resources used to be cost-prohibitive? How will social constructs built around wealth and class shift?”

Wish I was reading the books in this library!

~Sweden’s Gender-Neutral Preschools Produce Kids Who Are More Likely to Succeed

Love. Love. Love this! I would be really interested in a study that follows the kids in these preschools through adolescence to see if they really are more likely to succeed as they grow older.

~Why Do Men Harass Women? New Study Sheds Light On Motivations

I’ve been verbally abused/harassed many times before whilst walking down the streets of developed countries and I can only imagine how bad it can be in developing countries, where women are even more so seen as second class citizens.


flower on roosevelt island

A beautiful flower for your weekend :)

Have you read anything interesting lately?

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