The BEST Christmas Decorations in NYC

I didn’t spend the actual Christmas holiday in New York City, but I did enjoy my fair share of Christmas joy that NYC has to offer before I went back to Florida. While NYC did have some pretty grand Christmas scenes, it didn’t quite compare to the Christmas decorations I saw in Europe, where it seemed like every street was covered in festive lights. However, I did find some wonderful Christmassy scenes, and I’ve placed my favourites below!

Radio City Music Hall

radio city music hall giant christmas baubles

The largest Christmas decorations go to the plaza across from Radio City Music Hall. Have you ever seen baubles and Christmas lights so big? I dragged my parents through the throngs of people to capture these shots, and I think it was worth it (even though I did my fair share of shoving).

giant christmas lights nyc


The award for most ostentatious decorations goes to Rolf’s, a tiny, hole-in-the-wall German bar known for its overwhelming Christmas decor. If you can brave the 45-minute queue, it’s definitely worth the visit—especially since it’s one of the only places I’ve found in the city that sells mulled wine!

rolfs christmas bar

The Palace

The Lotte New York Palace takes the cake for stunning and classy Christmas decor. From afar, the hotel’s outdoor decoration is stunning. The decorations arrived in November and I wish they would stay all year! Isn’t the tree beyond gorgeous?

the palace christmas

the palace christmas tree

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is home to New York City’s largest and best holiday market. While it didn’t stand up to my favourite South Bank Christmas market, I did really love the Christmas tree there. While not as large as the one in Rockefeller Center, I think it’s prettier—not to mention much less crowded for those photo opportunities!

bryant park christmas tree

bryant park ice skating rink

Sake Fifth Avenue

If you can brave the crowds, the light show at Saks Fifth Avenue is really a work of art. I went with my parents (read: swam through the crowds to get a decent viewpoint) and was stunned at the whole show. I’ll probably never go again, but it’s something I’m glad I got to see in person!

sake fifth avenue christmas light show


When I was working at the UN, I walked by Bloomberg fairly often as it was on my way home. I almost forgot about it until I walked by the building the day it snowed and saw that it had a rather pretty Christmas tree outside.

bloomberg christmas tree

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor was covered in scaffolding this year, but that didn’t take away from their beautiful decorations. They created a veritable forest under their scaffolding, all lit up, and complete with cute little squirrels! I wanted one for myself but I probably couldn’t afford it…

lord and taylor christmas squirrels

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller always has the famous tree, and the crowds sure verify that. While the tree is a true monstrosity, I don’t think it’s the best NYC has to offer. If you want, brave the crowds, but then head to some of the other Christmas decorations the city has to offer.

rockefeller center christmas tree

Which Christmas decorations were your favourite? Check out my Instagram for another pretty facade!

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