Mantras for a Happy and Healthy 2017

I always think it’s good to have mantras. It can be something you publicly declare. It can be something you keep to yourself. But it’s always good to have something to say or think when you’re feeling stressed or when you need that extra burst of confidence or assurance.

I tend to have a few go-to mantras that I say shout in my head whenever I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or sad. My 2017 mantras have remained much the same from 2016. After all, why try and change what works?

All will be well

all will be well quote

I was watching Parks & Rec when I was feeling really depressed and it was the episode where April and Andy drive overnight to see the Grand Canyon. The song “All Will Be Well” by Gabe Dixon started playing and I burst into tears. It just spoke to me on so many levels and I knew from that moment forward that it was special.

I can’t tell you how many times I listened to that song on repeat or whispered those words to myself when I was panicky of before job interviews or presentations. But whenever I do, I feel comforted by what they mean and happy that there is a song that can so wholly represent me and my emotions.

She believed she could so she did

I kind of publicly declared this as my mantra when Dear World came to Davidson last spring. For those who don’t know, I suffered from depression my first (and part of my second) semester of senior year and could hardly find the energy to get out of bed let alone go to class and be social.

dear world she believed she could so she did

I always liked this phrase but it began to hold special meaning for me when I was having a hard time believing I could do anything at all. I went to Etsy and bought a bracelet with the words engraved on it and wore it every day for almost the entire school year. When I felt depressed or anxious, I would play with the bracelet and be reminded of my mantra, and maybe feel even the slightest bit empowered.

Today, I repeat it to myself when I’m feeling like the day is insurmountable and it gives me the courage to carry on and keep my head held high.

You are enough

you are enough quote

This is a new mantra for 2017. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence. I always think I could be doing better than I am, which to some extent is good, but only to an extent. There are several times where no matter how well I do, I’m just not happy with anything. So this year, whenever I’m feeling like this, I know what I will say to ground myself and remind myself that I truly am enough.

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What are your 2017 mantras? Let me know in the comments below!

  2017 mantras

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