2017 Goals

I’ve thought about these goals for a while now. I mean, it is February and I’m just writing out my goals for the new year, after all! I know people think New Year’s resolutions are important, but I see no reason to have them picked out for the first of the year. Yes, it’s a good starting point, but shouldn’t we take the time to reflect on how we want to improve or what we want to do after the overwhelming euphoria or familial bonding of the holidays? That’s what I did anyways.

These are just the only goals I could think of as of now for 2017. Maybe more will pop up, maybe they won’t. But without further ado, here they are!

Do one good thing for my mental health every month

Each month, I want to try something new for my mental health. I have a few ideas of things I want to try, but the idea is to pick something every month to focus on, see if I like it, and see how it impacts my mental health.

Learn more about tea

tea in a teacup

I’ve always been a tea drinker, but I’ve mainly stuck with English Breakfast and Earl Grey teas. Now that my dad has given up coffee, I’ve learnt more about tea simply by virtue of explaining different types to him! So, the goal is to become an amateur expert on all things tea because it is wonderful and there are SO many varieties out there.

Read for pleasure

reading for pleasure

I started this year off strong by reading three books that I loved and I really enjoyed the act of reading them. I’m hoping to find some more that really draw me in as the year progresses.

Travel to one new country

I don’t like travelling when things are uncertain or in flux, and most of my life in 2016 was full of uncertainty. My body and mind just can’t handle the added stress of travel on top of trying to figure out my life. Luckily, things are looking a little more stable this year so I’m looking to plan one international trip! It probably won’t be a huge European excursion but I’d LOVE to go to either Canada or Iceland.


Now that I’m instafamous (JK), I would love to learn photography with a DSLR camera. I’m pretty good at shooting with my iPhone but there are just some shots I know I can’t get unless I have something a little more advanced. Hopefully, I can figure something out.

SEO on old posts

I started this blog before I even knew what SEO was. As a result, about 3/4 of my posts don’t have SEO and need it. It’s so tedious to go back and do but my goal is to do it. I’ve already made myself do 3 already :)

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Watch more documentaries

I saw some amazing documentaries when I was working at the UN and I really want to see some more. I have a few queued up on Netflix, I just need to find some distraction-free time to watch them all!

Explore more of NYC

When living in a large city, it’s so easy to grow comfortable staying in one area and forgetting that there’s so much more out there. I’m ashamed to admit that I made it to Brooklyn for the first time only in January. Oops! So, hopefully, I’ll find some more fun city excursions to try out!

What are your goals for the new year?

2017 goals for the new year

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    Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    2 February 2017 at 05:30

    great goals!

    • Reply
      2 February 2017 at 15:00

      Thanks! I’m glad I finally wrote them somewhere public so hopefully I can stick with them haha

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