Life in NYC: Favourite Moments

So, I’ve been in NYC for about two months already (time really flies) and I’ve had some pretty good times. I always enjoy seeing new places, and New York is no exception. It’s been a wonderful place to meet people from around the world, eat delicious food, and enter a new stage in my life. Below are some of my favourite moments thus far. I’m sure to have many more as my time here continues :)

Parties with Dad


One of the perks of living where my dad works is sometimes getting to go to his super cool parties that often randomly have celebrities (see above) and Dear World photoshoots (see below). While I wish I could afford to live on my own in this city, I’m glad (and grateful) to be ‘Roomies 4 life’ with him for the time being! It definitely has its perks…


My walks home


I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance of work. It is about a two-mile walk but it’s great exercise and always helps clear my mind. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine how a city with so many tall buildings could actually be pretty, but just about every day I’m stunned by views of the sun reflecting off of buildings or perfect cityscapes. I look forward to my walks home every day :)

My work colleagues

The UN has connected me with some lovely people from all around the world. I’ve learned so much from each of them and it has only fueled my desire to see the world and experience as much as possible. I look forward to many more lunches, discussions, and UN jazz nights with them in the future!



The best cuppa (and scones) ever


As an ardent Anglophile and tea-lover, I usually only trust myself when making tea, because nothing else is as good in America. However, I found this place: Alice’s Tea Cup. An absolutely lovely and whimsical tea place not too far from where I live (they have several locations throughout the city) with a several-page tea menuΒ and theΒ best scones of my life. I’ve gone probably too many times and I stop by there after work as much as I can to pick up a couple of scones for a pre-dinner snack.

French bookstore


I still equate reading with schoolwork (I’m hoping this ends soon), but I did make a trip to this beautiful French-language bookstore. The ceiling is hand-painted and there are SO many books that I could only otherwise get in France. I can’t wait to go back.

The UN

13557862_10210013912807819_665142192125228885_n (1)

I wouldn’t be a nerd if I didn’t mention work. Overall, I love what I do and look forward to heading to UNHQ every day. I’ve seen Ban Ki-Moon speak about the refugee crisis, I’ve researched some really cool things, and I even got to see the elections to the Security Council in the General Assembly hall. These opportunities have made me more certain that I want to continue working in International Relations after this opportunity is over.

The High Line


I visited the High Line for the first time with my friend Lee. We went on a perfect day: the sun was shining, there wasΒ zero humidity, and it wasn’t unbearably crowded. I loved seeing flowers again and it was a unique blend of urban and natural space. I look forward to returning (when it gets a lot cooler outside).

The sunsets


Being from Florida, I’m quite the sunset snob. However, there have been one or two absolute stunners like this one. (I still think Florida ones are better, but this one was pretty good too).


What do you like most about where you live?

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