10 Personal Achievements

I’ve never been one to talk about my accomplishments. I always struggle with that question when people ask me. I just get really embarrassed and then my mind goes blank. But today I finally overcame my struggle of thinking of things and finally figured out my personal achievements thus far. Plus it took ages to think of anything so I consider that an accomplishment in itself ;)

Graduating High School

High School is tough for everyone and I’m glad I made it out alive, with great friends and many great experiences.

Getting into Davidson

Davidson is a hard school to get into. I had to work my butt off in high school to get into my dream school and I’m glad it paid off because Davidson is awesome.

Going to School away from home

I really wanted to get out of Tampa for university. You know, for independence and a change of pace. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I had to deal with many strange illnesses and injuries by myself, learn about my anxiety and learn to love driving 600 miles in one trip! But I’ve had the opportunity to fall in love with a different part of the States and meet some amazing people.

Living in Paris for a Summer

Living in Paris last summer was my second time abroad but my first time abroad for a long period of time. I lived with a host family who didn’t speak English, so I experienced real culture shock and true immersion. But, I fell in love with the city and got the chance to see what Europe was all about.

Being [almost] fluent in French

Thanks to my summer and my host family’s lack of knowledge of English, I became almost fluent in French. It has always been my goal to be bilingual and I am so close now. I’ll be taking six French classes next school year so hopefully, I’ll get back all the grammar skills I’ve lost and become even closer to my goal!

Getting into & Going to LSE

LSE is a pretty top-notch school so I was a little worried when I applied to study there for the year. Luckily I got in and I have survived most of the academic year (whose style is completely the opposite of the American version). I just have to pass my exams. Yikes!

Visiting 13 Countries


I didn’t leave America until I was 18, and I only went to Paris. In one year, I basically lived my dream of seeing Europe. I look forward to seeing more!

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Starting My Blog

This blog has saved my sanity. I have been able to organize my thoughts, share my experiences with friends and family, and gain a favorite hobby that I hope to continue for as long as possible! I can’t wait to continue with it when I’m back in the States!

Controlling My Anxiety

Because of the post I wrote about my anxiety, you know that it’s been a constant burden on my life. But I finally have it mostly under control and am learning how to lead an almost normal life. While anxiety will always be part of my life, it’s an achievement living with it every day and making it through each day.

Living in London

London is a huge city and can be slightly overwhelming at times. I think I even had more culture shock upon arriving in London than I did in Paris. I decided to leave my comfort zone, pick up everything I knew well and move to a foreign city for a year. I could have just gone for a semester like most people do but I risked everything (my mental health, my finances, and the fact that I decided to pick up and move to a city/country I had never been to) by making a yearlong commitment. No regrets.

What are your greatest achievements?

It's important to take stock of our personal achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Here are some of mine.

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