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Tried and Tested Tips for Conquering Flight Anxiety


1 in 3 adult Americans is either anxious about flying or afraid to fly. (source) I am one of those Americans. It’s OK if you are too. If you are anxious about flying or have severe flight anxiety, you’ve come to the right place. For over 6 years, I’ve tried almost every trick in the book, fought with flight anxiety and finally feel comfortable enough flying where I don’t have panic attacks every flight. Read on for my tried and…

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Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral with Reformation Lates

It’s rare that you see photos of the interior of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. With the exception of a couple days a year, photography is not permitted inside London’s historic cathedral. My time in London was lucky enough to coincide with one of these late night, photography-allowed viewings of St. Paul’s Cathedral: Reformation Lates. 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to a church door in Germany, triggering the reformation. To mark the 500th anniversary of this…

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Gallery Hopping in Chelsea

One of my favorite activities of late has been gallery hopping in Chelsea. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon in NYC if you love art and wandering—especially if you don’t want to pay museum admissions or fight museum crowds. My mom was in town for the weekend, and after a delicious breakfast of tea, scones and bacon, we set off for Chelsea, ready to gallery hop our afternoon away. Where is Chelsea? If you’re an NYC neophyte, or…

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Christmas in Tampa

This year, as with almost every year, I spent Christmas in Tampa, Florida. Christmas 2016 was a balmy, summery 86°. Thank goodness Christmas this year was a more moderate one. Still necessitating short sleeves, but not leaving me sweating! I don’t see myself ever living in Tampa as an adult, but I do like visiting over the holidays. It’s nice to have a little respite from the cold, see a couple friends and catch up with family (not to mention…

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Embrace Who You Are

I’m weird. I’ve never had a ton of friends. I don’t like to go out. I don’t love the taste of alcohol or the way it makes me feel and would much rather spend my time drinking tea and reading/watching Netflix or hanging out with a close friend than partying the night away. (I also might be a senior citizen trapped in a twentysomething’s body, but that’s a conversation for another day…) I’m weird. I stutter when I get nervous. I…

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2017 in Review

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over. I feel like I say this every year, but 2017 really flew by. I officially moved to NYC, moved apartments, started a new job, traveled to three places and so much more. This post is a monster, given that each section could probably fit in its own post. But whatever. I’m a rule-breaker and I procrastinated on other blog posts in December! What I’m grateful for in 2017 My health 2017 has…

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Snowfall in NYC: A Photo Journal

You all know I love snow, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this day to come. In true Lorelai Gilmore fashion, I couldn’t pass up the first snowfall of the winter without spending time outside wandering around and enjoying the snow. I also wanted to test out my camera in the snow for the first time. Luckily, my Lumix is weather sealed so I didn’t have to worry about the constantly falling snow messing up my shots! I did, however,…

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Finding Peace & Quiet in St. Dunstan-in-the-East

You know by now that I love quiet pockets in cities. St. Dunstan-in-the-East is one of those lovely quiet spots in central London that I will always revisit whenever I’m in town. The last time I was in London, St. Dunstan-in-the-East was in beautiful form. There was a small group of people eating lunch on the benches, a few people quietly reading and a slightly annoying pair of girls taking 100s of photos in the exact same spot in the…

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The Best Quiet Spots in Central London

It’s no secret that I’m a city girl. London, Paris, New York City. I love them all. I love the anonymity. I love that there is always something to do. I love that there is so much going on. I love the different neighborhoods. But even with the hustle and bustle, I still love the quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t escape a city for too long. Maybe a week or two tops. But stealing away quiet moments throughout…

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The Art of Mindful Travel + Tips for Mindful Travel

It seems like just yesterday I was wandering around Paris with my €20 burner phone, paper map and digital camera in hand, soaking in every detail of the historic streets and the Parisian culture so I could write about it on my blog or in my journal when I got home. Today, there is much more to contend with. If you didn’t Snapchat, Facebook, Boomerang, Instagram or Instastory it, did it really happen? In the past few weeks, I’ve been on…

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